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AMD Dominating CPU Market Share, Hits Intel Yet Again

AMD Market Share

News has come in from Mercury Research, who have reported that in CPU Market analysis, AMD reached a market share of 18.3% of x86 CPU in their Q2 2020. It is the highest AMD that has acquired since Q4 of 2013. AMD has also reached an all-time high for the mobility CPU market as well.


  • AMD reaches a market share of 18.3% of x86 CPUs Market, overtaking Intel
  • AMD has also achieved the all-time highest mobility in the CPU market as well
  • With the success of Ryzen, this growth is expected to continue with more products launches through FY2021 as well

As per Mercury, AMD’s overall x86 CPU share is 18.3%, with an increase of 3.5 share points quarter-over-quarter and 1.2 points year-on-year. When Intel’s market share was higher in the first quarter of 2020 as an improvement over there 2019 performance in the share market, AMD has now overtaken them in the fourth quarter of the year AMD’s newly released Ryzen 4000 series “Renoir” chips have also been causing some waves in the market that is expected to continue through 2021 when more laptops powered by Renoir hit the market shelves. 

Since the introduction of Ryzen in 2017, the company’s market share growth has been on a steady ascent, leaving Intel behind time and time again

AMD has been enjoying a lot of victories over Intel off-late. They closed at almost $100 million market cap. Their incomes have increased fifty times in the last five years. It was reported 48 hours ago that AMD had hit a record $77 per share, but when we went back to check, it has risen further up to $85 per share. Meanwhile, Intel has announced that the release of their 7nm will be delayed. This also pushes the ball in AMD’s court to capture more of the market.

AMD hit 19.2% in the desktop market share, experiencing an increase of 0.6% quarter-on-quarter and 2.1% year-on-year, which is their highest record yet. In comparison, Intel’s two quarters desktop processor sales weakened, with desktop platform volumes facing a drop of 14% compared to its performance in both 2019 and 2018. In 2020, Intel’s revenue from desktop sales has fallen by 9% at $607 million against what it had earned at the same time last year.

AMD’s consumer market share is at 19.7%, increasing by 2.2 share points from last quarter and 4.7 share points from last year. This is AMD’s highest overall share of the market since its first-quarter business in 2012.

Amid all of this AMD does maintain that they have faced a minimum reduction in desktop processor sales if compared to their sales volume in July-August 2019. Despite the increase in client base with the highest earnings in the last 12 years. of activity. That could be easily chalked to prolong the Coronavirus pandemic that has plunged economies worldwide in recession with aggregate consumer demand at an all-time low. Another reason for the fall in quarterly income can be attributed to categorizing processors and GPUs in the same revenue basket. So far, the right looks quite unclear.

Even though the overall performance in the share market and stock market in 2020 points to tough times for almost every industry and some of Intel’s losses can be due to the coronavirus’s impact, AMD is still creating pretty breakneck competition in the PC market.

Intel still has put up impressive shows in a few areas like gaming CPU’s. Still, there is no time to rest for Intel because AMD is also armed with the release of Zen 3 processors releasing later in 2020.


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