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Apple Confirms a Surprise Upgrade iPhone 12 Pro



  • Apple confirms a surprise upgrade saying its design will have magnets incorporated in the body
  • Many theorize that it is to help with a snap-in wireless charger and this is Apple’s first step towards going complete wireless by 2021
  • The leak has left the industry and user base baffled and thinking



Apple has already pretty much shared a lot of information about their iPhone 12 lineup but recently Apple had revealed a surprise unprecedented upgrade to that line.


Popular YouTuber Filip Koroy (YouTube: EverythingApplePro) acquired information from Apple’s supply chains that Apple is fitting a ring of magnets into the chassis of its iPhone 12 models. The detail has left the industry experts and insiders perplexed about its implications.


The timeline of updates by were as follows:


  • 6th August: EverythingApplePro further revealed an image of the official iPhone 12 case with the said magnets in placement, confirming that the new system is to help align the phones with their wireless chargers. This could be a business move to revive the AirPower wireless charger. 

Originally, the plan with the wireless chargers caused excessive heat build up in the devices. Integrating magnets takes care of this issue and helps the iPhone 12 be aligned to help fast charging.


  • 7th August: With the heating issue already dealt with, Apple suffers a setback with the iPhone 12 line. Display Analyst Ross Young makes a statement saying “Our sources indicate no 12Hz hardware on new iPhones. You need 12Hz driver ICs”. The exclusion of this hardware will give the iPhone 12 an atrociously small battery.


Koroy says that the design decision is to aid in a potentially mounting or charging related decision, probably for a ‘snap in’ wireless charger. That being a good explanation, especially if Apple is looking to go wireless-only by 2021. But what about the small batteries?


So far that looks unclear. But with an onslaught of information, theories, and criticism, Apple Inc looks to have turned away from the leaker community for the first time. The confirmation of the surprise upgrade has definitely caused some excitement within the community but with the launch delayed due to pandemic reasons, consumers can only contemplate and wait.

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