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Google to be investigated by state attorneys general for an antitrust violation

Google office

Over 30 United States attorneys general are preparing for a probe on Google for determining whether the company has committed antitrust violations, a source informed reporters on Tuesday.

Led by Texas, the announcement of the investigation will be made on September 9.

Google said in a statement that the officials at the management’s complete cooperation. Jose Castaneda, Google’s representative, said that the company is replying to all the questions posed by the attorney generals and other regulators.

The attorney general of Texas, Ken Paxton, along with 42 other state officials filed comments in order to urge the Federal Trade Commission to put more stress on privacy and use of consumers’ data when looking for violations of antitrust law.

The state officials said in the comments that the tech giants have a ton of user data which makes it impossible for new firms to enter the market with any hope. The user data is often used to provide personalised services and information to consumers.

Nowadays, tech companies are under great scrutiny for potential violations of privacy and antitrust law by the federal agencies, Congress and even attorneys general now.

Back in July, the Justice Department of the United States said that it would be launching an investigation of large tech companies to determine whether their practices are anti-competitive in nature. While the department did not mention particular names, it is believed that the target companies include Facebook Inc., Inc., Google Inc. and possibly Apple Inc.

In another investigation, Facebook and Amazon are being probed to determine whether the companies use their huge market power to exploit other companies. The companies have a significant presence in social media and retail, respectively. 

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