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New FAA chief to meet Boeing officials to test software

737 max software

The Federal Aviation Administration said that its new chief Stephen Dickson will meet with Boeing officials and test the “newly configured” 737 MAX aircraft software in a simulator this week.

The plane maker is currently in the process of improving its aircraft’s MCAS anti-stall system. Back in March this year, the 737 MAX was grounded globally after two of its flights crashed killing all passengers on board. The problem in the flights was linked to its MCAS anti-stall system, which the manufacturer will be testing. 

There is no fixed schedule as to when the aircraft will be able to fly again, said new chief Dickson. The agency informed reporters that Dickson has also planned to meet with aircraft certification team of FAA in Seattle, where he would be testing the aircraft’s software.

Representative Peter DeFazio’s spokeswoman said that the plane maker has denied testifying at a House hearing currently due. Peter DeFazio chairs the House Transportation Committee. 

Boeing said in an email that it is working with committees in the Senate and the House of Representative to make sure that all details regarding the aircraft are shared. There is no information as to when the plane maker would be ready to conduct its certification test flight which would be required to gain the approval of the FAA to fly again.

Later this week, a board committee will make proposals for the improvements in the 737 MAX. The changes would focus on increasing the pace at which information regarding safety concerns is shared Boeing’s factories and businesses around the globe, Reuters said. 

While the plane maker informed that it would have its certification flight in September, no specific date was given by CEO Dennis Muilenburg when asked by reporters last week.

Many airlines across the United States have removed the 737 MAX flights from their schedules until December which include United Airlines and American Airlines Group.

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