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Tesla Twitter Critic Randeep Hothi sued Elon Musk for Defamation



  • The legal action against the SpaceX owner was taken after the former accused the Tesla critic of almost killing Tesla employees and calling him a liar and a terrorists
  • Tesla had previously sought a restraining order against Hothi claiming he hit the security guard with his car

Another defamation suit

A University of Michigan Student and long time critic for Tesla Twitter, Randeep Hothi, has filed a defamation suit against Tesla Inc. CEO after the latter accused Hothi of killing people. The charging documents were filed in Alameda County Supreme Court.  However, the charges were not made public until Friday due to court backlogs, stated Hothi’s attorney D.Gill Sperlein.

Randeep Hothi is a Tesla critic who goes by the Twitter account @skabooshka in which he monitored the vehicle manufacturer’s claims regarding automation, technology, and production processes. Sperling stated that the account was in fact “ social experiment through crowdsourcing information related to his social science doctorate work.”

Two incidents provoked Hothi

The defamation charges were lodged based on two incidents that took place in 2019. The first one took place in February when Hothi was confronted by the security guard and the security systems flagged his license plate when he entered the Fremont sales center.

The second incident took place in April of the same year, in which Tesla filed a civil restraining order against Hothi for stacking a security guard and swerving his car toward a Tesla Model 3 vehicle. However, the case didn’t survive in court. Charges against Hothi were dropped after Tesla failed to submit video evidence in the court.

Continuing the feud

Musk however took the dispute to another level when he started spreading social media hate campaigning against Hothi and other employees. An email written to a website editor was published by Greenspan on Twitter which received over 400,000 ‘impressions’ according to the complaint.

Earlier Hothi had fact-checked the production rate of Tesla’s “alien dreadnought” hyper automated Model 3 vehicles. He had also documented the construction of Tesla’s Model 3 assembly line Tent.



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