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Donald Trump Woos Crypto Enthusiasts at Mar-a-Lago Gala, Diverging from Biden’s Stance



At the grand Mar-a-Lago gala, former President Donald Trump made an ostentatious play for the favor of the cryptocurrency community—a demographic that feels notably overlooked by the current Biden administration. The event underscored Trump’s strategic outreach efforts to a sector that is rapidly growing and evolving, even though his expertise in the intricate policy frameworks governing the industry appears somewhat lacking.

The gala, set against the opulent backdrop of Mar-a-Lago, highlighted Trump’s keen interest in aligning with the crypto community. His approach suggests an awareness of the sector’s potential influence in future electoral dynamics. However, the depth of his engagement with the substantive policy issues facing the cryptocurrency world remains unclear. This raises questions about the sincerity and efficacy of his pro-crypto stance, especially in contrast to President Joe Biden’s administration, which has faced criticism from some quarters for its handling of cryptocurrency regulation and innovation.

Trump’s efforts to woo the cryptocurrency community come at a critical moment for the industry. With global financial markets in flux, the regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies in the United States remains a labyrinth of state and federal rules, often sending mixed signals to investors and innovators alike. The Trump administration had a complex relationship with digital currencies, characterized by a mixture of intrigue and skepticism. At various points, Trump himself has issued conflicting statements about the value and legitimacy of cryptocurrencies, oscillating between dismissive remarks and open fascination.

The Biden administration, for its part, has embarked on several initiatives aimed at understanding and potentially regulating the crypto space more effectively. This includes the formation of task forces and the solicitation of expert advice on how to balance innovation with consumer protection. Despite these gestures, some advocates and investors within the crypto industry feel that the current administration’s efforts are either insufficient or overly cautious, thus stifying the sector’s growth and limiting its capacity to contribute to the broader economy.

In this context, Trump’s pro-crypto posturing at the Mar-a-Lago gala might seem like a breath of fresh air to those feeling sidelined by current policies. However, the real test of Trump’s commitment to fostering a favorable environment for cryptocurrency would lie in presenting a clear, coherent policy vision that addresses the community’s chief concerns. These issues range from regulatory clarity and tax treatment of crypto assets to the role of digital currencies in national and international financial systems.

Moreover, the global crypto industry has evolved dramatically since Trump left office, with significant advancements in blockchain technology, the proliferation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the emergence of decentralized finance (DeFi) reshaping the landscape. Any effective engagement with the crypto sector would require a nuanced understanding of these developments and an adaptable policy framework that fosters innovation while protecting consumers and maintaining financial stability.

The strategic significance of the crypto vote cannot be understated. As digital currencies continue to gain mainstream acceptance and influence, their role in shaping economic policy and electoral outcomes will likely increase. For politicians like Trump, who are eyeing a return to the political arena, winning over the crypto constituency could provide a crucial edge, especially among younger, tech-savvy voters.

However, the effectiveness of such overtures will ultimately depend on the ability to move beyond superficial gestures and articulate a detailed, informed vision for the integration of cryptocurrency into the national and global economies. Without this, attempts to court the crypto community may end up being viewed as little more than political bluster, lacking the substance needed to drive meaningful change.

In sum, Trump’s appearance at the Mar-a-Lago gala signifies a potentially strategic pivot towards the cryptocurrency sector, yet it remains to be seen whether this marks a genuine commitment to addressing the complex policy challenges facing the industry or merely a tactical maneuver to capture the attention of a disenfranchised demographic. As the crypto world continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, the call for thoughtful, informed leadership in this space has never been more urgent.

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Ethereum Bulls Activate as Spot Ether ETFs Approach, Pushing ETH Price Towards $4,000



In recent market developments, ethereum (eth), the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has witnessed a notable surge, inching closer to the $4,000 threshold. This resurgence has been fueled by an increasing optimism within the investor community, as the digital asset staged a 5% rebound in its value over the past day, reaching a price point of $3,957. The market cap of Ethereum now stands at $469 billion, underscoring the robust demand and investor confidence in this blockchain platform. Moreover, Ethereum’s daily trading volumes have experienced a significant boost, with a 68.5% increase, pushing the figure to nearly $17 billion.

The anticipation around the forthcoming launch of spot Ether Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) is palpable within the crypto sphere, as it represents a pivotal moment for Ethereum. Analysts and investors alike are closely monitoring the situation, with predictions circulating about the potential upward trajectory of ETH’s price. Rekt Capital, a well-respected figure among cryptocurrency analysts, has suggested that Ethereum needs a weekly close above $3,956 to confidently enter and sustain in the $4,000 bracket. Currently, while ETH is exhibiting a lower high formation, it has consistently hovered around the $2,791 mark, which historically has been followed by a substantial upswing towards the $4,000 region.

The sentiment around Ethereum is overwhelmingly bullish, with several factors at play that could further propel its value. The potential launch of spot Ether ETFs has been a particularly strong catalyst, stirring considerable excitement among investors. This excitement was evident last week when the price of ETH stabilized momentarily before continuing its upward climb. On a weekly basis, Ethereum has enjoyed a sturdy 27% gain, indicating a robust uptrend is in motion.

Arthur, the founder of DeFiance Capital, has gone on record to predict that ETH’s price might ascend to $4,500 prior to the initiation of spot ETF trading. This bullish outlook is further supported by a survey conducted by WuBlockchain among the Chinese crypto community, which showed that 58% of participants envision Ethereum breaching the $10,000 mark in the current market cycle.

Institutional interest in Ethereum is anticipated to surge in the weeks leading up to the ETF launch. Santiment’s data reveals a heightened activity among large Ethereum investors, colloquially known as “whales”, who have been aggressively accumulating ETH since the announcement of the ETF approval. Notably, the top 1,000 Ethereum wallets have witnessed a collective increase in their holdings, amassing an additional 510,000 ETH within a span of five days, from May 19 to May 26. The total ETH held by these wallets now amounts to 76.52 million, signaling a strong conviction in Ethereum’s growth prospects.

Considering the current market dynamics and investor sentiment, Ethereum appears to be on a trajectory that could see it reaching new all-time highs. Both retail and institutional investors are closely watching the developments surrounding the spot Ether ETF, with many seeing it as a catalyst for future growth. The significant increase in trading volumes and “whale” activity further substantiates the optimistic outlook for Ethereum. As the digital asset space continues to evolve, Ethereum’s innovations and its pivotal role in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector could potentially set new benchmarks for its valuation in the near term.

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DeFi (ETHFI) Sees 7% Price Jump as Paribu Box Integration Spurs Investor Confidence



In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, (ETHFI) has recently gained significant attention following a notable spike of approximately 7.5% in its value. This upsurge comes in the wake of its recent listing on Paribu Box, a prominent platform known for trading crypto assets, particularly those in the nascent stages of their development. This development signals a pivotal moment for ETHFI, spotlighting its increasing importance and potential in the digital asset realm.’s price elevation is a testament to the cryptocurrency market’s dynamic nature and the heightened interest and confidence it has sparked among investors. The integration with Paribu Box has indeed marked as a formidable asset within the digital currency domain, attracting traders and investors keen on tapping into promising investment avenues. Paribu Box is renowned for its rigorous selection criteria, primarily spotlighting promising early-stage projects. Thus, the inclusion of ETHFI on this platform not just broadens its accessibility but also solidifies its standing in the market, painting a robust future landscape for this digital asset.

As it stands, has impressively carved its niche in the market with a current price pegged at $3.95, coupled with a 24-hour trading volume reaching $122.5 million. This marks a considerable growth of 6.5% in a single day and an uplift of 6.5% over the preceding week, demonstrating a bullish momentum. With a circulating supply of about 120 million ETHFI, it enjoys a market capitalization that sits comfortably at $451.2 million.

Delving into ETHFI’s derivatives data unveils further encouraging signs. The volume has witnessed a leap of approximately 8.03% to $316.06 million, alongside an 8.52% rise in open interest, amounting to $91.5 million. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is positioned at 62.9%, indicative of a strong growth trajectory. The roadmap of sheds light on upcoming Stake, Liquid, and Cash products, geared towards revolutionizing the DeFi user experience. These innovations aim to streamline staking, liquidity provision, and the execution of digital currency transactions, positioning as a trailblazer in the realm of DeFi innovation.

A distinctive feature of lies in its liquid restaking protocol on ethereum, setting it apart from other DeFi protocols. It adopts a non-custodial approach, allowing users complete control over their keys, thereby minimizing counterparty risk. Users are granted eETH tokens in exchange for staking eth or other liquid staking tokens, which are subsequently restaked on EigenLayer for profits. This model underscores’s commitment to enhancing user engagement and investment returns within its ecosystem.

In light of these developments, is not only carving a name for itself in the competitive DeFi space but is also capturing the interest of forward-thinking investors and traders. Its trajectory is emblematic of the inherent possibilities within the DeFi sector, highlighting innovative solutions that promise to redefine the landscape of digital finance. As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, stands as a beacon of potential, innovation, and growth, poised to make significant strides in the near future.

The growing endorsement of and its assimilation into respected trading platforms like Paribu Box underscores a broader trend of increased investment and confidence in digital assets. It represents a crucial step forward in the democratization of financial services, extending beyond traditional boundaries and empowering users with decentralized, innovative financial solutions.’s ascent in the digital currency world bolsters the notion that the future of finance may well be paved with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

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$21 Million in Ether Returned to ZKasino Wallet: Hope for Refunds After Alleged Exit Scam



In a surprising turn of events that injects a ray of hope into the hearts of many investors, approximately $21 million of Ether, previously thought to be lost in what was alleged as an exit scam, has been unexpectedly returned to the ZKasino project’s multisignature wallet. This restitution comes nearly three weeks after allegations surfaced, accusing the platform’s founders of orchestrating a scam that potentially left thousands of users out of pocket.

ZKasino, a blockchain-based gaming venture, found itself at the center of controversy when on May 9, a monitoring feed designed to track the recovery of funds related to the ZKasino scandal, reported the return of close to 6,021 wstETH (wrapped Lido staking eth) to the project’s wallet. This significant recovery represents roughly two-thirds of the total assets reported missing in the aftermath of the scam, sparking speculation about the possibilities of refunds to the affected parties.

On April 29, prior to this incident, a 26-year-old man was apprehended by Dutch authorities under suspicion of involvement in the ZKasino debacle. This individual’s capture led to the seizure of approximately $13.2 million in cryptocurrencies, alongside luxury assets including real estate and high-end vehicles. Speculation was rife within the crypto community that this suspect might be one of the project founders, known under the pseudonym “Derivatives Monke.” Allegations linked Elham Nourzai to this moniker, although concrete evidence establishing this connection remains elusive.

The engagement and subsequent action taken by Binance’s on-chain investigation team were pivotal in facilitating this arrest. The team, having received a seizure warrant from law enforcement, played a crucial role by freezing an array of accounts associated with the scam, thereby preventing further movement of the illicitly acquired funds. Despite the arrest, the flow of suspicious transactions continued, hinting at the possible involvement of other culprits still at large.

Legal actions and the diligent efforts of the crypto community are shining examples of the increasing efficacy in combating digital fraud. In parallel, the ongoing situation serves as a cautionary tale about the vulnerabilities inherent in the burgeoning world of decentralized finance (DeFi). The ZKasino episode, while distressing, underscores the paramount importance of transparency and trust in the digital asset ecosystem.

In light of the substantial sum returned to ZKasino’s custody, the community awaits further developments, hopeful that those affected may indeed receive the restitution they were promised. This incident, although one of many in the volatile landscape of cryptocurrency, highlights the resilience of the community and the unyielding pursuit of justice in the face of deceit.

Additionally, this recovery coincides with a broader context of digital asset vulnerabilities witnessed in recent times. Data from CertiK, an on-chain intelligence firm, indicates that April witnessed the lowest historical figure for cryptocurrency-related scams and hacks since 2021, with $25.7 million lost to such incidents, not accounting for the ZKasino case. Furthermore, the Lazarus Group, a notorious cybercrime syndicate, has reportedly laundered over $200 million in crypto assets since 2020, showcasing the persistent challenges and threats within the crypto space.

As the narrative of the ZKasino affair continues to unfold, it serves as a poignant reminder of both the potential and the perils of the cryptocurrency world. The return of the significant portion of misappropriated funds not only stirs hope among victims but also reinforces the collective resolve of the community and authorities to uphold integrity and deter fraudulent activities within the ecosystem. This incident, while a setback, might ultimately bolster the push for greater transparency, security, and trust in the dynamic domain of digital currencies.

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